a slightly belated bday gift for my friend robotemperor ! I would’ve made something sooner but my first day of classes was to-day and I didn’t get back until 9pm 6~9;

anyhow cyo’s really fun to draw and absolutely fed into the interest i’ve taken in scribbly poses [thumbsup_emoji]

i miss drawing my space goat god


some scribbles i posted on my private twitter i guess

isa is orbitoflove's, alice is olsnaggletooth's

also heres some bioshock palette things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

some requested btsrps + elizabeth

Hahah so I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but never felt “professional” enough to actually try.

Commission Info! I’m keeping it simple for now, but perhaps as I get more used to this I’ll open up more options? Here’s a bit more detail on what to expect from each option:

Simple Sketch!

  • Just as it says! A sketch on a white bg with some rough shading thrown in there.
  • $5 for waist-up, $10 for fullbody! ($5 extra for every additional character)

Cell Shading!

  • These I throw in a background by default.
  • $15 for a bust, $20 for waist up, and $25 full-body! (+10 for each additional character!)

Rendered Paintings!

  • These will take the longest to finish, but other then that there’s nothing else to really explain!
  • $20 for a bust, $25 for the waist-up, $30 for full body. And if you want another character or a background thrown in, it’ll be $10 for each!

Some extra info: for anything other than the simple sketch, I’ll send you a WIP when I’m halfway through in case there’s anything you wanna change!

What I Will Draw:

  • Basically anything that isnt porn. (Artistic nudity’s cool with me though.)

If you’re interested, please contact me at featheredascent@gmail.com! Other than that, any reblogging or signal boosting will definitely help!

What’s that? Just the whole reason we’re in a damn war is all that is!

somebody order some sad crime shows